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Just started watching this show at my sister’s request. I love it! It is extremely well-written in my opinion.

Just started watching this show at my sister’s request. I love it! It is extremely well-written in my opinion.

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runninggwhere said: good luck! I hope you start to feel better soon :)

Thank you! :)


Can’t wait for my doctor appt. Monday

I’m going to a hematologist bc the GI doctor was concerned about why my iron is SO low. I hope I can get tested for Celiacs, but either way i am going to try a gluten free diet afterwards to see if my conditions improve


Got the worst night sleep ever,

even though I slept for 12 hours. It was like I was sleeping with one eye open the entire time. And every time I woke up my stomach would be freaking out. I’m really nervous I have Celiac’s Disease.

Yum:) Haven’t had a cookie in a long time!

Yum:) Haven’t had a cookie in a long time!

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Don’t wanna go to school tomorrow :(

Barely got out of bed this morning and felt awful all day. Even fell asleep in one of my classes:( I don’t want to go to school but I want to see a huge basketball home game and I have a math test last period. Ahhhh. I need to get rest, but I would rather take a whole day off rather than go in at twelve because then I’m not really getting to just chill out. But I have tests Thursday and Friday plus an in class essay Thursday so tomorrow is really my last chance to stay home!!



Ah can’t wait for this to be over. Have like 16 more ounces liquid to drink. I’m hoping everything will be settled and I’ll be clean in like three hours. I am freezing from not being able to eat though. Let the real unpleasantness begin.




Hate this:(

I’ve never wanted to be healthy this much in my life, seriously. I think this is the worst bout of mono I have had. I want to have myself back for good.

Holy Cross

Holy Cross


Big 24 hours!

In the last 24 hours … well, 34 hours, I:

  • Drove from NJ to Boston, Mass.
  • Walked around the campus of MIT.
  • Walked around Cambridge and had lunch.
  • Walked through Harvard and visited the bookstore.
  • Drove to Wellesley and did a drive through of the campus.
  • Drove to Worcester, Mass.
  • Checked into a hotel.
  • Got dinner with my dad.
  • Did some work.
  • Slept.
  • Had breakfast at the hotel.
  • Took a tour and attended the information session at Holy Cross.
  • Ate lunch at Holy Cross and then walked around the athletic building.
  • Drove home to NJ.

It was a good time, I just wish I had tomorrow off to do my work.


Need to make a lifestyle change.

At this rate of constantly getting sick or always having an upset stomach, it’s time for a change. My parents are right, my diet may not be much different than your average teenager’s, but because I am an athlete and have a very sensitive body I need to eat healthier. 

I am thinking of throwing out (or eating and then not re-buying) all of the food in my house that is too processed or not good: toquitos, pizza bagels… and just eating less of the foods I do eat a lot. Have cereal over a bagel most mornings, and live on vegetables and fruits, not cookies. It’s time, but it’s so hard. I hate having to think about what I eat, it makes eating less enjoyable.


nice shirt :). And I could definitely join you as looking like a dead body lately.

Haha, thanks:) And too bad there isn’t much money in that career!

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